Luonnonmukaiset ry

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Luonnonmukaiset ry (LM) is the oldest naturist association in Finland, founded in 1987. LM operates nationwide and its membership is approximately 400, half women and half men.

In the summer LM meets in the great outdoors and organizes events on the beaches and resorts. The summer program includes a summer opening celebration, a two-week summer camp in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish countryside, beach meetings at Pihlajasaari, Yyteri etc. The summer camp enables you to relax in peace without doing anything special, swim in a lake, go to sauna, play yard games, even hike naked.

During winter LM organises meetings indoors. Then you go to sauna, swim in indoor swimming pools, chat with others, eat, dance and compete in hearted games. Sometimes you make group travel south shores.

Events are open to the participation of LM's members and their invited guests. Non-members can come and visit events once by agreeing in advance with the organizers. Event participant numbers range from a few to several dozen individuals, but there are more than a hundred individual events, too. The events are described in LM's website calendar. The easiest way to get more information and to inform the desire to come and visit the event is to contact LM by email: info(at)

LM’s individual members across the Finland organise a number of their own smaller scale events throughout the year in their homes and what wonderful places they might have: in the fields, naked hikes, garden work parties, boat cruises, sailings etc.

How can you join?

Anyone can apply to become a member of the association, but the Committee approves the applications on a case by case basis. The operational guidelines are that the association wants to maintain a gender balance in the membership.

Membership is sought by providing the information necessary for the application to the postal address or e-mail box.

Membership application:

First name

Last name

Street address

Post code

Post office

Phone number

E-mail address

Date of birth

I hereby apply for membership _ as a couple / _ alone

Spouse's first name

Spouse's last name

Spouse's street address (if different from above)

Spouse's post code (if different from above)

Spouse's post office (if different from above)

Spouse's phone number

Spouse's e-mail address

Spouse's date of birth

Reasons why we want / I want to join Luonnonmukaiset ry:


The membership fee currently is € 20 and the joining fee is € 12.

LM's membership register has been notified to authorities.

Member information will not be disclosed to third parties.


Luonnonmukaiset ry

c/o Martti Kavekari

Salpakankaantie 5 as 16

15860 Hollola

E-mail: info(at)

Bank Account: FI93 8000 1000 7589 54

Naturist Beaches in Finland

In Finland naturism is allowed in all beaches which are not crowded public beaches and where other people are not harassed. Below more information of Finnish naturist beaches in Finnish.

Official Naturist Beaches:

Yyteri, Pori

Pihlajasaari, Helsinki

Tulliranta, Hanko

Unofficial Naturist Beaches:

Seurasaari, Helsinki

Ruissalo, Turku